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Press Release: VoteRiders Joins EPIC

VoteRiders, a national non-profit dedicated to protecting Americans' freedom to vote, becomes the latest member of Everchron Public Interest Community

Press Release: VoteRiders Joins EPIC


Today, Everchron and VoteRiders announced that VoteRiders has joined the Everchron Public Interest Community (EPIC). As a member of EPIC, VoteRiders receives free access to Everchron’s case management software, which will enable the VoteRiders organization to more effectively and efficiently support eligible voters who need assistance casting a ballot and exercising their fundamental right to vote.

With the launch of the EPIC initiative, Everchron became the first and only case management software to offer its solution at no cost to non-profit organizations who serve the public interest, like VoteRiders. Everchron is dedicated to advancing equal justice under law and is fully aligned with VoteRiders' mission to protect this fundamental right of U.S. democracy and ensure that all Americans have equal opportunity to vote.

"With voter ID laws on the rise nationwide, VoteRiders' mission, to provide every American with the voter ID information and assistance needed to cast a ballot with confidence, has never been more critical. As we head towards the midterm elections in 2022, our need for a best-in-class case management and analysis system through which to track these rapidly-evolving legislative developments in real time has also increased. We are exceptionally grateful to Everchron for providing us with an ideal platform to support our mission at such a crucial moment, and look forward to partnering closely with them in the future," said Lauren Kunis, VoteRiders CEO & Executive Director.

“Everchron is the perfect tool to create and maintain an organized resource to track the ever-changing election law landscape across the country,” added Marc Bauer, VoteRiders’ outside general counsel. “Everchron’s case management software enables our staff of voting rights ninjas to surf to the precise piece of information they need quickly and easily, whether it’s a statute, legislative history or set of voter ID requirements for a particular state. With Everchron, our team can collaborate across jurisdictions, as well as extend access to our wonderful volunteers all over the country.”

“We are very excited to welcome VoteRiders to the Everchron Public Interest Community,” said Ofer Bleiweiss, Everchron’s CEO. “An individual’s right to vote is paramount to a democracy. The work that VoteRiders does is crucial to securing this right for voters attempting to navigate a growingly complex and varied system of voter ID laws. VoteRiders serves as an invaluable resource for voters in every state in the country, ensuring that each individual citizen has the information they need to cast a ballot that counts. We are proud to support this mission with our platform.”

As a member of EPIC, VoterRiders enjoys the following privileges: 

  • Free access to Everchron’s full case management software suite.
  • Unlimited user licenses for collaboration.
  • Hosting of up to 1 TB of data.
  • Onboarding & training for its users, including staff and volunteers.

Everchron is accepting applications for membership in EPIC. Public interest legal services organizations and law firms working on pro bono or public interest matters can learn more about  the Everchron Public Interest Community here, or reach out directly to Alex Karpman at for more information.

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About VoteRiders

VoteRiders is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that all citizens are able to exercise their freedom to vote. Through resources and media exposure, VoteRiders supports on-the-ground organizations that assist citizens to secure their voter ID and inspires local volunteers and communities to sustain such programs and galvanize others to emulate these efforts.

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