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Our Big Legalweek Announcement: 2024 Edition

Announcing two big additions to the Everchron litigation management platform.

Our Big Legalweek Announcement: 2024 Edition

We are thrilled to announce two innovative additions to our platform that promise to enhance how case teams manage their litigation workflows. Our latest innovations include EC:AI Premium – a dynamic, AI-powered feature set for creating intelligent case chronologies and more – and our new RelativityOne Integration. These updates are designed to help you save time, reduce manual effort and leverage the full potential of your data. Let's dive into what these developments mean for your practice.

Auto Chronologies with EC:AI Premium

Last year, we announced the launch of EC:AI, our suite of AI-powered features. Today, we announce the release of EC:AI Premium, the upgrade tier for our cutting-edge generative AI offering crafted exclusively for litigation teams. Harness the unparalleled power of advanced artificial intelligence with our Auto Chronologies feature.

Auto Chronologies transforms how you prepare your cases by offering a swift and automated way to create initial fact chronologies. Simply upload or import your key documents, select your preferred summary format and EC:AI will work its magic, producing a timeline that previously would have taken tens, if not hundreds, of hours to compile manually, especially for complex cases. This new feature is a game-changer in litigation preparation, allowing your team to allocate valuable time and resources where they are needed most.

Stay ahead of the curve with EC:AI Premium and experience the future of litigation management today.

Seamless Integration with RelativityOne

We are very excited about the launch of our new integration with RelativityOne. This addition creates a direct pipeline from RelativityOne to Everchron, enabling quick and easy transfer of documents, metadata and work product. Say goodbye to the complexity of manual data migration and hello to a more streamlined workflow.

Case teams can now enjoy synchronized case development as the integration supports real-time collaboration between platforms. As you identify case critical documents in your RelativityOne workspace, they can be effortlessly elevated into the strategic narrative being built in Everchron. Additionally, the insights generated within Everchron can be used to inform and refine your ongoing review in RelativityOne, fostering a feedback loop that sharpens your legal strategy.

This integration provides immediate benefits by reducing manual tasks and promoting an integrated approach from discovery through trial. Teams can now spend less time on data transfer logistics and more time on what counts. Get ready to experience a more connected and fluid litigation management process with Everchron and RelativityOne.

We will be in New York next week for Legalweek, reach out and schedule a time to meet with the Everchron team if you'll be out there. If not, we are always happy to schedule demos over Zoom.

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