Witness Profiles

We just reinvented the witness file. You’re welcome.

Preparing for depositions and witness examinations can be time consuming. Everchron automates the tedious part of witness prep, so you have more time for analyzing, outlining and drafting.
E-discovery with profile and issue analysis

Automatically generated

Witness files are automatically generated and optimized, by connecting individual witnesses with related evidence and case documents.

Unified witness file

Witness files in Everchron link with other key documents, such as filings and depositions, so you get a unified picture of their testimony and relevance to the issues in the case.

Advanced analytics

Everchron makes connections between witnesses based on their involvement in the case, their relationships with each other and other pertinent facts and issues.

Instant binders

Our intelligent system brings together related information and document sets, which can be used for witness preparation and quickly converted into hard copy binders.

Profiles dashboard with bubble charts


The Profile Dashboard is the place to go for a 30,000 foot view of your matter. Right off the bat, you will instantly learn who the most critical individuals and entities are in your matter. With real-time insights, you will also see where the key people fit in the matter and how they connect to case critical issues.

  • The Dashboard dynamically updates as you filter your directory to focus on a subset of profiles

  • Understand the relationships between key people and key issues

  • Click into a profile listed in the Dashboard for a deeper dive

Document analytics

With Document Analytics, you can easily see how many documents and chronology entries a key witness is connected to, the significance of these items and to what issues they relate. With a single click, capture a filtered view of a witness’s documents, by importance, favorability or issue.

  • Analytics automagically update as additional data and work product are added to the matter

  • Quickly understand how the witness fits in the case with respect to other key people, as well as issues

Transcript analytics

Gain invaluable insights into your witnesses with our Transcript Analytics feature. In each profile, you see a comprehensive view of the witness’s testimony, automatically assessed to reflect key issues across their annotations and designations. As your team adds more annotations and designations, the analytics get even more robust.

  • With one click, you can see a filtered view of key excerpts by issue or related profile

  • Dig into which deponents testified about the witness, how they testified and to what issues their testimony was related

Prepare faster and better for depositions & examinations

Everchron’s intelligent witness files capture all documents related to the cast of people tied to the matter. This allows you to dive deep into the most important documents, as you prepare a deposition outline, trial examination outline, or a witness statement.

One-click witness reports, exports and bundles

With Everchron’s case management software, there’s no need to pull witness documents from multiple locations. With a click, you can generate a complete report and archive of all materials and analysis related to a key person or entity in your matter.

Capture how witnesses relate to key issues

Everchron’s intelligent analytics provides you with dynamic insights into the people and issues associated with the matter. Quickly identify and dig into key relationships between important players, and determine how anyone with a profile fits into the issues and story of the case.

Gain deep insight into witness testimony

With transcript analytics, you can better understand the key aspects of each deponent’s testimony. Quickly determine which important issues, people or entities a deponent testified about. With designation insights, you can easily see how critical certain deponents are to the parties involved, which can help prioritize your counter and objection strategy.

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