That transcript tool you’ve been dreaming of? This is it.

Transcripts are a fundamental part of many cases. Everchron integrates your transcripts with your core documents and witnesses, so you can incorporate testimony into your analysis and preparation.
Transcript management with video depositions

Native transcript viewer

Everchron’s proprietary transcript viewer provides a clean read for your deposition and hearing transcripts, as well as the ability to mark up excerpts.

Hyperlinked exhibits

With our Hyperlinking Service, have all of your transcripts fully hyperlinked to their cited exhibits. Click to view the exhibits side by side with your transcript.

Cross-transcript search & reporting

Run complex and category searches across all your transcripts, and generate insightful reports with excerpts and analysis.

Video playback

Utilize Everchron’s native video player to view your deposition videos alongside your transcript bringing testimony to life.

The Benefits

Analyze and discuss testimony as a team

With Everchron’s transcript management software, you can collaborate around deposition and trial testimony. As a team, identify, highlight, annotate, code and discuss key excerpts across all transcripts in your matter.

Launch exhibits from the transcript with the Hyperlinking Service

Leverage our Hyperlinking Service to optimize your transcripts with active links wherever exhibits are cited in the testimony. With a click, launch the exhibit in a separate viewer to add analysis, coding and annotations.

Add transcript excerpts to your case chronology

Build your case chronology in Everchron with key excerpts from your most important transcripts. Then rate these excerpts for case favorability and link them to important issues, people and entities.

Next level litigation® with Everchron.

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