Master File

Say hello to your new master file. It’s kind of the best thing ever.

Until now, master files have been unwieldy and tedious to search. Everchron is designed to make reviewing and searching a case’s master file faster and easier than ever before.
Everchron Master File Feature

Instantly find your case documents

Everchron provides an intuitive filing system for all of your case documents - pleadings, motions, discovery, transcripts, correspondence and court orders. You can quickly filter your master file to find exactly what you need without the typical noise in a document management system.

Advanced Viewer

Everchron’s advanced viewer allows you to instantly review, download, comment and share your case documents.

Built for complex litigation

Everchron is built for cases of all sizes including the largest, most complex cases with multiple dockets and numerous parties.

Automated with Docket Sync

Everchron’s Docket Sync feature allows users to sync up their matters with any docket on PACER.

The Benefits

  • Instant retrieval of any case document
  • Intuitively organized for litigation
  • Always up-to-date access for clients

Next level litigation® with Everchron.

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