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Supercharge your fact development with EC:AI, our suite of AI-powered features. We are leading off with our advanced summarization functionality that will allow teams to build out comprehensive key document chronologies more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.
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Topic Summaries for Transcripts

Topic Summaries harness advanced artificial intelligence to summarize and highlight the key subject matter from your deposition, hearing and trial transcripts. In minutes, EC:AI will generate a concise summary of the essential topics without the need to sift through hundreds of transcript pages.

Instant Chronologies

Upload or import your documents and have EC:AI generate a complete chronology for your team instantly. Each item in the ingest will receive its own summary in your desired format. Perform a task that normally takes teams tens of hours in a matter of minutes.

Blank Page Problem Neutralized

For lawyers, the biggest pain point in building chronologies is writing summaries. Some skip it altogether to their detriment. EC:AI will generate an initial draft summary in your preferred format: concise, comprehensive or bullets. From there you can revise or build on it as you like.

Growing Feature Set

Auto summaries are only the beginning. Watch this space as we continue to release elements of the EC:AI suite, including more AI for Transcripts, Universal Search, intelligent metadata extraction, suggested tags and so much more.

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Transcript Summaries

Maximize your transcript analysis with EC:AI. Our AI-generated Topic Summaries digest dense transcript testimony and extract clear and concise summaries of key subject matter.

  • Quickly generate a summary of essential topics of any transcript without hours of review.

  • Customize your summaries: effortlessly refine, expand or request new iterations to meet your needs.

Chron Summaries

Transform the way you build chronologies with EC:AI. With a single click, effortlessly distill essential information from your key documents into concise, comprehensive or bullet-list summaries. Whether you need a quick overview or in-depth insight, our intelligent summarization feature delivers.

  • Build an instant chronology by auto-generating summaries for newly-uploaded or imported documents.

  • Accept as is, add to or revise summaries or request new drafts as you see fit.

Secure Control

If you opt in and turn EC:AI on for your org, you can tailor access for individual matters. For each new or existing matter, choose to enable or disable AI functionality. If enabled, use granular permissions to determine which users can directly engage with the AI features.

  • Determine which matters have access to EC:AI.

  • Determine which users can interact with EC:AI features.

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