Your case chronology just got a whole lot better.

Everchron connects your key documents, facts, and witnesses in a dynamic chronology that is always up to date.
Case chronology timeline

E-discovery finds the needles, we manage them

Everchron takes over where document review tools leave off, allowing you to perform a deeper analysis of your documents, facts and witnesses. Go beyond rote issue tagging and work with your documents in a robust platform built for legal and factual analysis.

Trial mindset from the outset

Easily search through the entire case to uncover a cohesive case story and analyze connections between events, documents, and witnesses. With one click, instantly filter your chronology down from all key documents, to just the hot documents, or down further to any relevant issue or witness.

Build your chronology as a team

Work as a team to categorize, summarize and tie together your key documents. Designed by lawyers to work the way that lawyers actually work, Everchron leverages information that is input into the system so you can more efficiently analyze case-critical information.

Preserve team knowledge

Too often, one or two attorneys on your team are responsible for the facts of the case. Everchron preserves your team’s best ideas and work product for everyone’s benefit, throughout the life of a case.

Chronolgy sidebar with filters and quick links Chronology entry comment Chronology entry comment Transcript document with annotation Chronology expanded card with analysis data

Quick Links

Quick Links are single-click filters that instantly carve up your Chronology down to the case critical entries you care about. Whether you need to filter by importance, favorability or issue tag, Quick Links makes it effortless to find the information you need, when you need it.

  • Instantly see your most important and most favorable (or most unfavorable) documents and dive in for a quick review

  • Filter for entries associated with a specific tag, multiple tags or tag sets

  • Stay up-to-date by capturing the most recently added or commented on items in your Chronology with a single click

Annotation Chronology Entries

Documents and fact entries just aren’t enough for a comprehensive chronology. Now you can add direct excerpts from documents and transcripts called annotation chronology entries (ACEs). ACEs live side-by-side with your key facts, documents and events.

  • Embed critical testimony in your chronology as you review deposition transcripts

  • Click on the ACE to access the corresponding testimony or excerpt

Card View

Say goodbye to cluttered timelines and hello to a visual and intuitive presentation of your chronology with our innovative Card View. Scroll through your most important facts and documents with ease, immersing yourself in the details of your case.

  • Robust cards with key analysis information for your chronology entries

  • Expand the cards in the timeline for a comprehensive view of the document or entry

  • Card View is a fully searchable and filterable interactive timeline

Build your chronology collaboratively

With Everchron’s case management software, teams can leverage the cloud to power up their fact development. Seamlessly integrate a team of contract attorneys, co-counsel, local counsel or anyone else into your chronology building workflows.

Immediate access to key documents

By definition, the case chronology holds the most important documents, facts and events related to a matter. With Everchron’s Simple Search and Quick Links, you can instantly focus on the document subset you want - by issue, by key witness, by keyword, by type and more.

Unprecedented transparency for clients

Provide your client with secure, on-demand access to a curated set of key documents, findings and analysis. Everchron’s case management software is ideal for any legal proceeding, including civil litigation and arbitration, as well as internal investigations.

Capture the story of the case as you see it

Case teams have different ways of approaching chronologies. Some prefer to start with key documents, some prefer to start with facts. Some like to link documents, others like to mix them in. Others still like to incorporate deposition testimony. Everchron’s Chronology is built for any workflow so you can capture the evidence your way.

Next level litigation® with Everchron.

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