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Our Blogosphere Adventure Begins

No time like the present to start a blog.

Our Blogosphere Adventure Begins
Ofer Bleiweiss
Ofer Bleiweiss

Hello world!

Thank you for checking out our first official piece on the official Everchron Blog.

[Kinda feeling a lot of pressure here to knock this one out of the park, you know? Definitely concerned that starting with “Hello world” is pretty cheesy, but we are a tech company, so it feels right.]

So what can you expect from this blog? That’s a very good question. The answer is: we’re not exactly sure, but we have some ideas. We'll definitely have articles, probably some interviews, possibly a list or two, and maybe some cool things that we don't even know about yet.

As a preview, here are some topics that you can look forward to (in no particular order):

  • Fundamentals of Case Management Software
  • Building Effective Case Chronologies
  • Effectively Building Case Chronologies as a Team
  • Fact Development and Case Chronologies
  • Organizing a Master File for Civil Litigation, Criminal Cases and Arbitrations
  • Chronologies & Internal Investigations
  • The Power of People & Entity Profiles
  • Litigation Management Software in the Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • Collaborating with Co-Counsel and Local Counsel
  • Collaborating with Experts
  • Collaborating with In-House Counsel
  • Best Practices for Investigation Management
  • Transitioning from Legacy Case Management Software
  • Embracing and Leveraging the Cloud
  • Managing Transcripts and Depositions

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for articles you would like to see, please email us at

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