Metrics & Insights

Get to know your data on a deeper level.

Easily search your Relativity workspace and elevate documents directly into your matter without ever leaving Everchron.
AI-powered case analysis

Dynamic Dashboards

Every document, tag, field, version - literally everything in Relativity - is now at your fingertips inside the Everchron platform. You can run searches on the data, filter for coding and work product, and preview documents.

Data Visualization

Documents, metadata and coding are automagically synced with your Relativity workspaces. Any item elevated to Everchron will update with the latest file version in Relativity, such as the production or branded versions.

Intelligent Rankings

Seamlessly import documents and metadata from Relativity without any exports or load files. Select your items and elevate the set directly into your Everchron matter.

Issue Profiles

Admins can securely set up your integration by simply logging in and authenticating your Relativity account. No need for complex add-ons or installs - it just works, with any system or outside vendor on Relativity 10.3.

The Benefits

  • Tap into your entire Relativity database without leaving Everchron
  • Elevate important Relativity documents to your Everchron matter seamlessly
  • Compatible with Relativity 10.3

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