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Transcripts by Everchron

Comprehensive transcript management built into your favorite collaborative case management platform

Transcripts by Everchron
Ofer Bleiweiss
Ofer Bleiweiss

I want to officially announce the launch of Transcripts by Everchron, our comprehensive transcript management feature set built right into the Everchron collaborative case management platform.

There will be much more in the future on this, but for now, a list of some of the aspects of the feature set:

  • Transcript annotations with coding.
  • Synced video.
  • Automated exhibit linking & exhibit management.
  • Deposition designations for trial.
  • Very robust reporting and exporting capabilities, including video clips.
  • Excerpt View - a fully interactive index of all annotations and designations in your matter.
  • Focus View - our fan favorite mode of reading transcripts with a focus on key excerpts.
  • Annotation Chronology Entries - allowing you to add your annotations as entries to your Chronology.

To schedule a demo of Transcripts, you can use this scheduler or email us at

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