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EC:AI Is Live

Announcing the official launch of our AI-powered feature set with Auto Summaries, the most efficient way to build a key document chronology.

EC:AI Is Live

We are very excited to roll out our latest innovation: introducing Auto Summaries, our inaugural AI-powered feature, now available in everybody's favorite litigation management platform.

With this feature, we wanted to address the biggest pain point in building chronologies: drafting substantive summaries of key documents. The chronology process can be very involved and often involves multiple lawyers on a team. It can take tens of hours to pore over your key documents and draft a meaningful summary for each one. It does not help that you are starting from scratch with each one, a classic instance of the "blank page" problem. Auto Summaries is our answer to this painstaking aspect. With the power of EC:AI, a single click intelligently parses your key document to generate an initial summary, distilling comprehensive records down to their essence. From there, you can accept it if you like, revise it as you see fit or request a new draft.

Auto Summaries is the culmination of extensive research and development, built in partnership with our friends at OpenAI. It is a direct extension of the Everchron ethos: building features that add practical value for lawyers, paralegals and case teams. Auto Summaries exemplifies our commitment to empowering legal teams with powerful technology that's not just innovative but integral.

Join us in embracing this evolution in legal tech. Witness firsthand how Auto Summaries can transform your workflow and case outcomes. Click below to schedule a demo or email us at for more information.

P.S. - Just to prove the point, we approached this article in the same way: started off with an AI-generated post and refined it from there. Let us know what you think of this collaboration!

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